Alchemist’s Lab video slots is a simple 3-reel, 1-line classic slot machine that can be played online at any casino’s that use Playtech casino software. The theme follows the alchemist’s labs of old, with the idea of mixing different vials in the hopes of producing a jackpot winning of some sort. Simplicity is the name of the game here. Don’t expect whirling animations, complex pay lines and hundreds of little features. Click to spin, that’s it.

The Layout of the Alchemist’s Lab

The designers of Alchemist’s Lab Video Slots put together a game that is quick to learn, easy to use and mind numbingly simple. With only 1 line to concentrate on, there are no multiple pay lines to concern yourself with. Each time you spin, you have the option of 3 buttons, “Bet one”, “Bet two” and Bet max”. The denominations of each bet and coin sizes are set in stone, with “Bet one” equalling one coin of your currency, “Bet two” equalling two coins of your currency and “Bet max” equalling 3 coins of your currency. These buttons both choose your bet amount and start the spin, there are literally no other buttons to click.

To the right of the reels you will find the last amount you bet in a vial filled with green alchemist’s liquid, while on the left of the reels is a blue vial showing the amount you won on the last betting round. Behind and above the reels is the listing of different pay-outs for Alchemist’s Lab Slots.

Pay-outs and Winnings

The golden coins are both the lowest and the highest paying symbols in this 3 reel slot. One coin will pay up to 6 coins and two coins will pay up to 75 coins as long as you are betting the maximum amount. However if you are betting on max and you happen to land 3 coins, the jackpot prize is worth 10,000 coins.

Other symbols include copper rings as well as blue, green and red vials of alchemist ingredients. Each of these symbols has a pay-out amount if three of the same symbol land on the one and only line. Three rings pay out up to 120 coins, three blue vials pay out up to 225 coins, three green vials pay out up to 300 coins and three red vials pay up to 600 coins.

Alchemist’s Lab Bonus Round

There is one symbol we haven’t mentioned yet and this is because it holds no pay out value whatsoever. The book symbol is used only to trigger the bonus round feature. Get three books and you will be taken to an Alchemist’s Lab where you get to choose from three vials of colourful ingredients to mix in your cauldron. The aim of course is the dream of all alchemists – to create gold. The better your mixture, the higher quality gold is created and the bigger your prize. The gold is poured into a mould to form and ingot, and the bigger the ingot, the more gold you get.