Event that all football fans are waiting for – The Super Bowl

The well-known Super Bowl, which, in U.S. professional gridiron footballing terms is the championship final of the National Football League. The one-off match is contested by the winners of the league’s American Football Conference and National Football Conference each January or February. The game is hosted by a different city each year. In 2016 the […]

All information about famous casino gaming developer Playtech

The online gaming developer, Playtech, was set up in 1999 in Tartu Estonia. A group of people came together, with backgrounds in the multimedia, software engineering, and importantly the casino industry. This combination has proved to be very successful, as Playtech has gone from strength to strength. In 2001, the developer was able to take […]

Mega Fortune Video Slots Game Explained for New Players

  The Mega Fortune video slots game by Net Entertainment offers players five reels, three rows, and twenty five pay lines to play on. The game is known for its record-breaking jackpots and it offers a progressive jackpot, which fits well with the luxury theme of the game. The theme itself celebrates luxury. The background […]

Exploring Phantom Cash Online Slots Casino Game

Developed by Microgaming, the Phantom Cash slot games offers players with a maximum jackpot of 20,000 coins, and a second main jackpot of 16,000 coins. These jackpots by themselves are possibly enough of an attraction for many players. The Phantom slot game offers a whole number of added features and extra dimensions. These include free […]

Play the Very Best Online Casino Games in Singapore

Online casinos offer an alternative to the traditional land-based casinos and many people all over the world are turning to the Internet when playing their online casino games. This is no different for the people of Singapore. It is in fact easy to find plenty of online casinos in Singapore, yet one has to be […]

A Look at the Biometric Facial Recognition Technology at Casinos

As cheaters at casinos get more and more tech-savvy, and their methods more and more advanced, so too do the methods used by casinos to catch them. Casinos would much rather stop a cheating incident from happening at all, than catch someone cheating and cause a scene while everyone is having fun. They like to […]

A Detailed Introduction to F1 Betting for Punters

There are a fantastic range of markets to bet on in Formula 1 racing, the highest class in single-seat auto racing, as sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de l’Autombile, or the FIA. Every second watching the Formula One cars, the fastest road course racing cars worldwide, is a thrill. Reaching speeds up to 380 km/h […]

A Look at Making Bets on Rugby and Cricket Matches

Kiwis in quest of thrilling betting opportunities have a world of exciting sporting disciplines to select from in their own backyard. With rugby a firm sporting favourite in New Zealand and cricket one of the most popular sports worldwide, the question still looms, which sport rugby or cricket, gets the most bets? Rugby is a […]

A Glance at Making Sports Bets in Australia Online

There are winnings available, there is a great selection of betting sports and there is the welcoming community of like-minded punting enthusiasts. The extraordinary betting adventure on offer to Australians via some of the best sports betting sites in the world also ensures a continuous and infallible security system. This ultimately means that Australian punters […]

Let’s Check out More about The Bet – A Short Film

The Bet is a North American short film, released in 1992. The film is set in New York, and centres around two brothers who inherit a deli from their father. The younger brother Harry develops a gambling problem soon after. The Bet is a drama, focused on the negative affects a gambling addiction can have […]