Kiwis in quest of thrilling betting opportunities have a world of exciting sporting disciplines to select from in their own backyard. With rugby a firm sporting favourite in New Zealand and cricket one of the most popular sports worldwide, the question still looms, which sport rugby or cricket, gets the most bets?

Rugby is a highly popular sport in New Zealand, with the All Blacks topping global world rankings and showing their dominance in the Rugby Union, by sealing multiple World Cup wins.

Cricket in New Zealand also has a prevailing presence, with the Black Caps still very much a competitive cricket team within the global sporting field; cricket has a strong presence in New Zealand. Kiwis in quest of the most popular sporting option should consider both sports on individual standpoints and from a holistic cricket and rugby betting approach.

Betting on Fun

Both rugby and cricket betting are highly popular sports inĀ  markets due to the fun nature present in both sporting disciplines. Cricket betting has recently been overhauled to accommodate play that is faster and more exciting with the world Twenty Twenty series. This has opened the floodgate to numerous cricket bets that are fun and exciting.

Rugby with its popularity as a participant sport and the gruelling nature of the game has seen kiwis taking up rugby betting as a highly popular pastime. With a host of various Kiwis in New Zealand consumed by the rugby culture and a variety of competitive rugby competitions, placing bets on rugby has become a popular pastime.

Best Betting Markets and Platforms

Punters from New Zealand opting for rugby or cricket betting options have a host of various markets and betting platforms to choose from like at, making rugby and cricket betting options easily accessible anywhere in New Zealand.

The most popular platform in New Zealand for top trumping rugby and cricket betting options include land based and online options. Punters from New Zealand enjoy a relaxed sports betting culture with the market moderated, yet unrestricted, particularly in the online domain.

This means punters can access a host of various rugby and cricket betting options anywhere and at any given time. Popular rugby betting markets include the Rugby World Cup and Super Rugby. Popular cricket betting markets include One Day Internationals, Test cricket, cricket World Cup and Twenty Twenty cricket.

The Mobile Contribution

The sports betting market has never been more alive than it is now. With the advent of mobile devices, which have become the future of all betting avenues, Kiwis have access to a wide range of thrilling rugby or cricket bet types and markets on the go.

Mobile devices have contributed to a large part of the new sports betting order and have allowed for the interconnected popularity in both rugby and cricket betting options the world over.