Fruit Warp slot is another great creation from online casino software developers Thunderkick. Featuring impressive graphics, as well as an enchanting soundtrack and unusual rules, the game stands apart from other casino games for a number of reasons.

As apposed to having reels and icons, Fruit Warp slot involves matching pieces of fruit, which are warped in and out of the play area. If the pieces of fruit are matched in rows, they grant payouts. Plus, if enough pieces of a certain kind of fruit are matched, a special bonus feature is triggered, which allows for amazing big wins.

User Interface and User Friendliness

Fruit Warp slot is a simple game, requiring little in the way of player input. The game can be played on mobile device or tablet, with a touch screen being a perfect playing platform. The game may also be played on desktop computer or laptop with a mouse.

At the bottom of the screen you will find the balance window, with informs as to how much is currently in the users account, as well as the spin button, auto spin button, and current bet. When tapping the auto spin button a window will open allowing the player to select a number. This number indicates the amount of times the game will spin without further input from the player. Note that auto spin will automatically stop if a major win is achieved.

Types of Fruit

All the major types of fruit are present and accounted for, rendered in real 3D in order to look extra delicious. You will find a bunch of grapes, banana, orange, plum, cherry, strawberry and more. When spinning, the pieces of fruit will fly in from the background and hover in the play area. If matching in rows, the sequence will be marked by an animated particle effect. If enough fruit of a certain kind are matched, upwards of three, they will be warped away, and new fruit will appear, granting extra chances at winning.

Fruit Warp Thunderkick Slot

Special Fruit Warp Modes

Each of the different types of fruit in Fruit Warp slot can allow for a special bonus sequence to be triggered. During this bonus sequence, a gauge will appear at the bottom of the screen, which will gradually fill as more fruit of the same kind as matched. The higher the gauge fills, the higher the multiplier in effect, which will mean more payouts for any wins achieved during the sequence. Major jackpot wins can be won in this fashion. Plus, each different fruit grants different multipliers, with the cherry being the most valuable.

Free Play or Real Play

Like Bingo Australia, Fruit Warp slot can be played for free, using a virtual currency, or for real money, as the player prefers. If you would like to play for free, simply logon and an amount of free currency will be automatically given. If playing for real, please ensure that you have an account created and are logged in to it. Also ensure that funds are available in the account. If you would like detailed instructions on how to add money to the account, please contact the customer support centre of the website on which you play.