In the below article we will be covering the key differences between online and land-based slots.  The advantages, possible disadvantages and key differences will help determine which is the right form of slots for you.


While there is something to be said for the excitement of slots in a physical location, the lights and loud noises which can’t always be replicated on your screen at home. There are also clear advantages to playing at home. Enjoy some slots while watching a movie or waiting for dinner to cook.


With mobile phones and tablets being a household norm, there is no limit to where or when you be able to enjoy a few games of slots. With modern conveniences, winning with slots has never been easier than it is today.


While land-based venues can offer some sort of incentives in the form of free drinks or food, the incentive structures in online casinos are a lot more beneficial to the player. Below are a few of the more popular incentives offered online which beat almost any incentive offered by physical locations.


  • Sign up bonus – the simple act of creating an account on an online casino could net you a healthy starting balance, not only is this greatly beneficial to your game of slots but can also let you try out a few different types of slots or even different games at zero expense to you. Win or not, this is a fantastic incentive for any player.
  • Deposit bonuses – Another very lucrative bonus for players, when making the first and in some cases, second deposits, the online casinos will very often match and sometimes go over the amount of money you deposit, this can be a game changer for most players, only needing half the normal capital or just the ability to play double the previous number of games. Especially in slots, to double the number of games is to double the odds of winning big. This may be the best incentive to play slots and is absolutely worth it for any prospective player.
  • Free spins – possibly the best incentive for anybody intent on enjoying slots in an online casino. Free spins are exactly what they sound like. You get to spin the slots for free. While this can vary greatly in number of spins, it is a definitely an incentive worth looking into when registering on an online casino.

Range Of Games

Land-based casinos usually have nowhere near the sheer range of slots available in an online platform, while it is worth looking into the range of slots before committing to a particular online platform, most available platforms today have a range of games which would put any land-based casino to shame.


When playing slots, there is more to take into account than simply the cost of the slots on hand. Consider the travel, food and drink costs of a physical establishment, cost easily avoidable by playing online.

All in, online slots are almost always the better choice to secure your win!