Opening this slot game is like stepping onto the pages of a fairy-tale book, which spontaneously whips round and round only to settle anew upon a different page. Perhaps this is a touch on the whimsical side but a slot like this Once upon a Time slot here, which is practically based on the aforementioned whimsy, tends to bring it out of one. This slot game is however well composed, of decent graphics and evident of a good level of dedication to the chosen fairy-tale theme. Developers Betsoft are known for their quirky and well carried out slot themes and this game is a shining example of that combination.

It can be fun to get caught up in the fantasy of fairy-tales but from time to time one has to look at the raw baseline to get a proper bearing and with this Once upon a Time slot game that baseline consists of 5 reels and 30 adjustable pay lines, a good standard that Betsoft enjoys employing in their slot games. The adjustable lines are then given the addition of a bet per line option which affords a decent range to play around with. Another aspect of the slot gaming experience that the developer’s enjoy imparting on most of their slots is a good couple of fun and largely interactive bonus features. These include free spins, a Wild, instant prize bonuses and even themed mini games at online casino.

A Reel Fantasy Theme Explored

Once upon a Time slot and the fairy-tale theme it carries definitely have a Disney movie feel to them, with the animations, graphics and even characters on the reels holding a similar style. In a slot game such as this it makes for some rather entertaining spinning, if perhaps on the lighter, almost childish side, of the spectrum. Still, this adult slot game experience can be entertaining, what with the upbeat soundtrack and chopped tree stumps as the buttons below the reels as just part of the overall slot theme experience.

The reels of the slot game hold the central role, so it is fairly safe to rationalise that this is where the largest of the thematic impact could be imparted onto the players. Essentially this translates to thematic and detailed symbols, a factor that Betsoft have taken into consideration with regard to this Once upon a Time slot.

Slot Game Bonuses Done Fairy-Tale Style

Like some bonus offers available here today, the best aspect of many Betsoft slot bonus features is how they all tie into the theme of the game itself, really preserving an atmosphere. The first bonus symbol players will likely encounter in Once upon a Time slot is the Wild, which is the rather goofy looking dragon symbol. Free spins is what the players will want next, cutting out the need to wager for wins, and to do this they must land 3 or more tree house symbols.

The more thematic fun comes in to play when enjoy playing for real money and land 3 or more of the sack of gold symbols, the goblin symbols or the knight symbols. These trigger separate features that involve interactive pick’em games all of a unique event based on the theme. This makes Once upon a Time slot quite good fun to play around with for a while.