There are a number of digital slots games online with a Viking theme, ranging from cartoonish depictions of the seafaring raiders to dark, enigmatic takes on Nordic mythology. Some, like Viking’s Treasure, use the historical source purely as a unifying visual theme, without delving too deeply into any kind of back-story. Developer NetEntertainment (NetEnt) has stuck to simple, clean lines in the design of Viking’s Treasure backed by an evocative soundtrack of wild nature sounds.

The aural backdrop provides the immersion in the theme that the modern graphics need, the grunts and whoops of marine creatures interspersed with the clink of chain and the creak of sail and canvas gives the eerie impression of a lonely long ship at sea. Against a backdrop of minimalist wood and stone, the five reels and three rows present icons as bright, colourful, backlit graphics, enhanced by emphatic beeps as the reels blur and stop.

The icons flash on and off to identify winning bet lines, with some displaying special animations as well. Viking’s Treasure offers 15 bet lines and five levels of bets per line, along with five different coin denominations, so stakes can be adjusted according to the player’s resources. Players need a match of 3 or more symbols (or 2 or more in some cases) in unbroken succession from the left-most reel on a bet line to win a prize.

The Standard Viking’s Treasure Icons

Low-value icons are six different Nordic runes, which score from 2 coins (two matching runes that resemble a capital D: the only rune that wins on a two-of-a-kind match) up to 150 coins for five of a kind of the two highest-value runes: one that resembles a capital R, the other shaped like a Y with a double stroke.

The five higher-value symbols are more identifiable Scandinavian features, and certainly easier to name, for non-scholars of Nordic runes: a battle-axe, a pigtailed maiden, a shield, a helmet and a dragon-prowed long ship. A match of 5 long ships on a bet line scores 1,000 coins.

Wild and Bonus: Both Multipliers

Like in a few casino games at, both the Wild symbol and the Scatter Bonus symbol in Viking’s Treasure have multiplier effects, and also score wins as matching combinations on their own. The Wild, a bellicose blond Viking Warrior, substitutes for all other icons except the Scatter to create more winning match possibilities, and automatically doubles the value of any wins in which it features.

As a matching combo, two Wilds on a bet line will win 10 coins, three will win 250, four wins 2,500 and five takes the top prize of 10,000 coins. The Scatter Bonus icon is a Viking hand heaped with gold coins and precious gems: the Viking’s Treasure of the game’s title. Scatters can win as any as 500 coins for five of a kind, and three or more Scatters appearing on a spin will trigger 15 free spins, with a 3X multiplier applied to all wins for the duration. The biggest rewards come from combinations featuring Wilds during the free spins round.