Often showcased in movies, live betting – also known as in play betting or run betting – is when a bet is placed after a game has already begun and before the game is over. It’s a popular option in sports such as golf and football, though it can be done in almost any and every sport that carries a betting option along with it. If you are keen to find out more about how live betting can be a beneficial option, then the below explanation will have you trying your hand at it in no time.

Why Choose Live Betting?

For those who are not keen to have to read into the odds, betting statistics or do research, placing a live bet helps eliminate the need to draw any kind of conclusion other than by paying attention to what’s currently happening. After all, as you sit and watch the game, you will have a more holistic picture of the most likely outcome fairly early on and it’s easy to try and cash in on this via placing a live bet, rather than trying to backtrack from an initial bet and place a hedge bet.

How Live Betting Can Be Beneficial

Live betting helps you win more times than not, since you’ll have a good idea of which team has the upper hand. While live betting NZ is the preferred way to place bets during games, there are also in-game bets available, though these bets tend to stop at half-time, while live bets continue up until almost the end.

The odds for live bets, however, do change frequently at the discretion of the bookkeeper, who will also be keeping a close eye on the game and will change the odds for the teams based on current play choices as well as using past experiences to make a call. Since the odds change based on the plays happening, this keeps in play betting one of the most exciting options around since it’s a very accurate and engaging betting option.

Suspended Live Betting

Often during live betting, the live bets and in-game bets are suspended for a while during a game or match due to an unexpected outcome popping up, or over half time periods. The suspension is not permanent, and it’s usually done to allow a bookkeeper to adjust the odds accordingly to what’s been happening on the field.

Live Betting Tips

With plenty of live betting options, from placing bets on players, wrestling, teams, goals scored, which side scores first, horse racing and etc, there are plenty of ways in which winning wagers can be placed. Two of the best tips include:

Put a wager on the underdogs early: If the underdogs are playing at home, putting a bet on them early in the live betting process can help net you a profitable win if they start to turn a game around.

Wagering on the next goal scorer or assist: If you are betting via your machine, you should be able to make live bets based on who you think the next assist will come from, or who the next goal scorer will be.