While bike racing in itself includes many different disciplines such as MotoGP, MotoX, endurance racing and even racing with side-cars, there is no lack of Bike racing bets to be had. Below we will look into some of the different types of bets available in bike racing with a brief description of each.

Bike Racing Bets

Different sportsbooks usually offer different types of bets and even different odds on similar bets, In the below points we will cover some of the more frequently used bets in bike racing like MotoX.


  • Winning distance – an interesting bet in which you would wager by how much distance the winning driver would win. It does not matter who wins, only by how far they win.
  • To win – as the name implies, this is a simple wager placed on the which driver would win a particular race. This is the most common form of betting for any motorcycle sport.
  • Pole position – a wager placed on which rider will have the fastest lap in qualifying, securing pole position. It’s worth noting that only the fastest single lap is counted, all other qualifying laps can be ignored.
  • Matchup – a wager placed in a direct rider to rider basis. Choose between the two riders and who ever places higher in the race will secure you the victory. Their overall placing compared to other riders is irrelevant, for the bet sake we will only be comparing the two riders in the matchup.
  • Podium finish – If the riders are a bit too closely matched for you to make a to win bet, why not look into a podium finish bet. In this bet you would place a wager on a selected driver to finish on the podium (in first, second or third). You can increase your payout by betting podium finish bets on both of the drivers you feel are hotly contesting the winning position.
  • Winning time – a less common but extremely interesting bet, in this bet you would place a wager on the amount of time between the first and second bike. Usually an over/under bet and given time can vary greatly depending on the individual race. E.g. taking the under on a 0,5s bet will mean that you believe the first two bikes will finish within half a second of one another. This example may seem a bit ridiculous but some bike racing like MotoGP really is that close.


Bike Racing Betting Tips


A few tips to help you make the best of your bets, as with all motorsport, information is key. Below are a few pieces of information you should look closely at before making your bet:


  • History repeats itself. Always look into results of the same track for previous years, while the bikes do change, the change is generally not dramatic. The results are likely to fall close to previous races on the same track.
  • Prevailing weather – Some riders are amazing in the wet and some just aren’t. It is important to know how the riders react to different weather and what the prevailing weather will be.