With so many games in a casino having a large skill aspect, it’s incredible to see that games of chance still reign supreme in popularity. Below we will look into why people love games of chance and what keeps us coming back for more.

Thrill Of The Draw

There is something to be said about the emotional impact of games of chance. Unlike in a game of skill when you lose in a game of chance, you don’t feel personally at fault. This coupled with the fact that the losses are generally smaller losses, the losses tend to be less detrimental to a person’s mental state than in games where skill shines. This all leaves us in a situation where the player is having generally fun win or lose. No personal responsibility for the outcome means no stress and a more enjoyable experience throughout.


Potential Payoff

While some games like a lottery have a terrible potential payoff, with some people playing their whole lives to never see a substantial win. Casino games, online and at physical location, generally have a much better return and payoff. Some slot machines can average a return of over 98% which keeps players playing for longer and increases your chances at a big win.


Speaking of big wins, there is always the jackpot. While the odds of winning the jackpot are generally not good, they stand to be infinity better than that of a lottery and with odds as good as available in some slot machines. The better odds means you are playing for that much longer, a longer play session in turn dramatically increases your odds of being the lucky jackpot winner. While no gambling is a guaranteed win, when compared to something the likes of a lottery, slots seem like a great decision for the potential wins and the enjoyment factor of playing the game


Emotional Game

As stated previously, slots come with less stress. But let’s look into that a little deeper. Games of chance offer a fun and exciting form of gambling with less mental energy and less personal responsibility. You just make a usually simple decision and see what fate has in store for you. Unlike games of skill where being distracted or frustrated can cause a big loss, after a hard day of work a game of chance will treat you no differently to any other day.


Compounded with the facts that the losses are usually small, and the games are exciting to play, this leaves us with all round fun experience which generally leaves players feeling good regardless of the outcome of the game.


Lack Of Skill

Personally, I usually fret going to a poker table. This is not because of my lack of skill, but not knowing the skill level of those around me. Even if I was a great online pokies NZ  player, the odds of a better player being there make me inherently nervous. This is why I love games of chance. No matter who you are, you have the same chances as anybody around you.